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I started this years ago to help aspiring writers get a "leg up" on becoming published "in Print." Amazon came along and I retired. I have spent most of my life writing, mostly for business, I now enjoy my time writing for pleasure. I have re-activated my original site to share a few of my more recent works.

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by George Shaddock

Georgie - An Unexpected Life

Georgie is a story about a young woman who has searched all her life for her birth parents. At the age of 35, she has become the CEO of a world renowned fashon design corporation.

During her search she is faced with a series of life-threatening experiences brought about by two drug cartels that attempt to take over her company. Later a one-month sailboat cruise encounters a terrible storm off the Coast of Oregon. Again, her life is threatened. Her quest is finally consummated in a way that no one could have predicted.

* * *

by George Shaddock
Stories on the Wind


This book contains 3 novellas.
The first novella, A Collateral Incident, is a personal story that involves me when I lived in New York City. It describes and incident with a CIA operative that occurred on the upper East side of Manhattan.
The second story, The Blizzard, is a fictional love story based on my experience in the Storm of the Century, called The Great Blizzard, that devastated Indiana and closed every road in the state for two to three days.
The third novella, Skytop, is completely fictional and describes two people drawn together by interesting circumstances.
I've included five vignettes about my personal experiences which I hope you enjoy. They describe humorous incidents that occurred during my early life.

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by George Shaddock
Stories on the Wind


THE INTERPRETER is a story of love between two women who meet by accident in front of the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York City. One woman is an instantaneous interpreter at the UN. The other is an aspiring and talented singer, looking for stardom in a Broadway musical. Both women appear to be in their early thirties. They fill a mutual need for company and support and begin to share an apartment in SoHo, Manhattan. The Interpreter has an exotic background and is entirely familiar with twenty-to-thirty languages. She is on a personal mission that could threaten their lives. Both attend weekend gatherings held at the estate of a wealthy widow in Southampton, Long Island. One woman wants a child sired by the most intelligent man she can find. The other woman desires only to become the star of a Broadway musical.

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by George Shaddock
Outside Sales

How to

I wrote this book when faced with the need to train 73 commission salespeople plus 7 Regional Managers. Prior to this, I had lectured at numerous high schools to show those students who were unable to afford college that if they wanted a professional career that provided a significantly above average income, this was their best and easiest avenue to success.
If you learn the skils of a professional sales person, race, color, creed, sex, become unimportant. Sales Managers NEED people who know how to sell. I have used the techniques in this book to train, in one week's time, surgical nurses, divorcees, women who had never held a job before, how to attain professional status with a professional income - within less than one year. The sales techniques described for your practice are unsophisticated and easily learned. If practiced until they become reflexive, success will be yours.
I also describe how to look for, and interview for a career as a professional sales person.

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